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  • For delayed and irregular period

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Details: Composition: Pinus Lambertina HPI-1x....5.0% v/v, Pulsatilla HPI1x....5% v/v, Gossypium HPI-1x....5% v/v, Caulophyllum HPI-1x....5% v/v, Flavoured syrup base....qs. Colour-Caramel.
Indication: FEMOCARE is a complete tonic for the uterus. Helps in common menstrual complaints like Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), Menorrhagia (Excessive bleeding), Dysmenorrhea (painful bleeding) and leucorrhea. It has a tonic effect on majority of female organs. FEMOCARE has shown very good results in miscarriage and accidental abortions. It provides assistance in normal functioning of uterus and takes care of cramps and uterine complaints.
Dosage: 1-2 tabelspoonful diluted in water, two times a day or as directed by the doctor.
Presentation: Bottles of 115 ml and 450 ml.

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