• Paediatric Syrup (115 ML)


Details: Composition: Alfalfa HPI 1x...5%v/v, Avena Sativa HPI 1x...5%v/v, Cinchona off. HPI 1x...0.25%v/v, Ginseng HPI 1x...2%v/v, Hydrastis Can HPI 1x...0.50%v/v, Calc. Phos. HPI 6x...0.5%w/v, Ferrum Aceticum HPI 6x...1%w/v, Kalium Arsenicosum HPI 4x...1%w/v, Kalium Phosphoricum HPI 3x... 1%w/v, In flavoured syrup base Q.S. Alcohol Content 9%v/v.

Indication: ALFA GINSENG Tones up appetite and digestion. Suitable for Malnutrition, Insomnia and Anaemia that causes peevishness, retarded growth, nervousness, convalscent stages after illness, general debility. 

Dosage: One teaspoonful thrice a day before meal or as directed by the Physician. Store in a cool & dark place. Shake well before use.

Presentation: Bottle of 115 ml

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