Details: ADAM and EVE is a Natural Cream for Beauty and glowing Complexion.

Composition: Berberis Aquifolium HPI-1x....2%v/w, Hydrastis Canadensis HPI-1x....-2%v/w, Ledum Palustre HPI-1x.... -1% v/w, Alcohol content 2.5% v/w, Gel Base q.s. to 25 gm.
Indication: ACNE CARE GEL is a highly effective Homoeopathic gel for Acne Vulgaris (Pimples), Comedones (Black Heads), Dark Rings around the Eyes and for Fairness of Skin Texture, Oily and Rough Skin.
Usage: Apply Acne Care Gel on face after cleaning with a good soap, dry with a soft cloth and rub the Gel gently till completely absorbed. Use twice a day, before bed at night for better results. Regular use is a must.
Presentation: Tube of 25 gms.

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